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American Horror Story – La timeline di Andrea Palla

La timeline degli avvenimenti accaduti finora

Navigando in lungo e in largo alla ricerca di notizie succulente su American Horror Story, mi sono imbattuto nel sito American Horror Story Timeline, che molto diligentemente ha stilato una cronologia di eventi accaduti finora nella folle murder house.

Ve la riporto così come l’ho trovata, chiarendo che gli avvenimenti inseriti sinora si riferiscono alle prime sei puntate del telefilm, quelle andate in onda fino ad oggi in USA… quindi occhio agli SPOILER se non siete perfettamente in pari!

La timeline sarà poi aggiornata di volta in volta man mano che la serie procederà, e noi di Serial Minds cercheremo di fornirvi aggiornamenti.





  • Built by Dr. Charles Montgomery’s wife Nora. When his business fell through, he became addicted to drugs and developed a Frankenstein Complex. They had one child. The pair started to wrangle young pregnant women who needed abortions. After one patient’s boyfriend finds out about the abortion, he kidnaps the Montgomery’s child. After some time, police bring back the baby, in pieces and jarred. Charles Montgomery takes it upon himself to stitch the baby back together and bring it to life. The monster in the basement is the grown “Corpse Baby” called “Infantata” that kills the boys in 1978, and then attacks Violet’s guest in 2011.


  • Nora Montgomery is killed. (More TBA)


  • The bride is killed. There are wedding mementos with blood spatters all over the room and the bride looks like she was raped. Her wedding dress is torn up the front and her underwear is torn and thrown to the side, along with her garter belt. There are photos of her husband and her on the wall along with a note from a priest making sure that the husband does not forget his hat or ring. (More TBA)


  • Loraine Baxter kills her husband, William Baxter, after she finds out about his affair with her best friend. She cuts him up and puts him into jars after poisoning him. Loraine was declared not mentally stable after she was seen by a therapist. He observed that she had major cuts and bruises to her face and minor abrasions to her arms and hands. She told him it was from a ‘mugging’ and he writes that it was not, since it happened on more than one occasion. She appears to have killed herself by placing her head in a oven, similar in fashion of Sylvia Plath.


  • The house is being used as a Sorority house of a nursing school. Gladys and Maria are home alone when a man, later identified as R. Franklin, comes to the house using an injury to mislead Maria into letting him in. He kills Gladys in the bathtub of the upstairs bathroom. He binds Maria’s hands behind her back. After being left tied up for quite some time, she is stabbed to death, in the back. Three other female students, one named Gigi, left shortly before the invasion/murders took place. It’s been said to have been inspired by the Richard Speck murders.


  • Assumed time that Constance moved into the house next door. It fits with the timing of what she has explained so far about her life. She would have been around the age of 19. I am sure that she was married to Hugo at the time and he was with her.


  • Adelaide is born to Constance and Hugo, stopping the acting career that Constance had pursued. I assume she was living in the neighboring house at the time.


  • The house was not abandoned when a boy killed his sister there. Not only this, but there is a “fable” of a monster that is showing this boy how to do bad things, as in, kill animals and hide them. The monster follows him. There are bloodied skates and a mummified ‘creature’ that slightly looks like a rabbit, as well as a box full of specimens (feathers, insects, and other unidentifiable objects). There is a home video playing with shadow puppet hands that are making sinister gestures toward one girl in this video. (More TBA)

1976 – 1977

  • The assumed year of Tate’s birth.


  • The house is abandoned and Adelaide is assumed to be the age of 6. Constance is assumed to be 29 at this time. Adelaide stands outside of the house and tells a set of twins to not go in the house because they would die. Then after they disobey her, and enter, she repeats “You’re gonna regret it.” over and over. As she said, they are both killed by the “Infantata” in the basement.


  • Moira O’Hara is raped by her employer Hugo, who lives in the house. She is the young Moira we see when Ben sees her. Constance walks in on the attack and sees it as a consensual act. Constance shot Moira O’Hara in her eye, killing her instantly. Constance tells Hugo she’s loved him since she was 16. She would have been 34 at the time. Constance shot him twice in the chest, killing him. It’s unclear if he is the father of her children, or her husband. Constance is believed to be living there. Hugo is assumed to be the father of Constance’s first two children, since she has been with him since she was sixteen.


  • Sam and Nikki Argento are murdered in the living room of the house. It was discovered by a man named Daniel Sanchez while he was taking a walk, who had observed the scene from the outside window. He went to the neighbor’s house to use the phone. (The neighbor’s name was V. Miller who is a male at the age of 44. He also mentioned that Sam and Nikki had no pets.) The murder was due to erotic asphyxiation, blunt trauma, and ‘extreme’ knife play. “In addition, the flesh on the victims’ chests and necks appeared shredded or torn, as if by a large animal.” The couple was tied up and chained to the ceiling in an act of BDSM. They were in ‘severe’ positions that dislocated Sam’s shoulder. Nikki was in a standing split. There is evidence of rape and chemical sedation. The Rubber Man is not mentioned, but I assume he is from this murder considering the videos and pictures are reminiscent of his attire.


  • Tate Langdon, son of Constance and brother of Adelaide, kills fifteen of his classmates in a school shooting. He then runs home (At the time he is living in the Murder House.) to Constance, followed by a S.W.A.T. team. The S.W.A.T. team goes into the house and shoots Tate after he pulls a gun out from under his pillow.

2000c. – 2010c.

  • An anthropologist by the name “V.” is leaving notes about not trusting anything or anyone. Saying that there are germs everywhere. There is a collection of cleaning supplies covered in blood by the window of the study. A set of cell culture dishes (petri dishes) that are arranged to spell out the word ”U-N-C-L-E-A-N”. The radio plays a woman’s voice that tells of making sure no one knew the house was infected. (More TBA)
  • Larry Harvey sets the house on fire while sleepwalking. It kills his wife and daughter. He’s released from prison after he is discovered to have terminal brain cancer.


  • After buying the home, Chad Warwick and his partner Patrick are planning on flipping the house and selling it. Chad has his neck snapped by a man in a latex suit, in the dining room of the house. This took place on the 28th of October while decorating for Halloween. Patrick walks in and finds the man in the latex suit next to Chad’s body. (More TBA)


  • Ben, Vivienne, and Violet Harmon all move into the house as a way to leave the past behind. Ben is a therapist that works from his house. He sees a patient by the name of Tate regularly. He has requested to stop seeing Tate by contacting his mother. Tate is a sociopath and is in a relationship with Violet.
  • Violet brings a girl home from school, who is attacked in the basement by the same creature first seen in 1978. Tate knew about the creature beforehand, leading me to believe he is familiar with the house.
  • Adelaide, who is now 39, frequently breaks into the Harmon’s house and tells them they will die in the house.
  • Vivienne has sex with the Rubber Man and finds out she’s pregnant a week later.
  • The house is invaded by two women and a man in a copy cat murder attempt that follows the murders that happened in the house in 1968. Tate attacks one of the women with an ax. She gets away, but is found days later. She died from the ax wounds to her abdomen. Vivienne hits the head of the male invader with an ashtray and escapes with Violet. Violet leads one of the female invaders down into the basement and the ghosts of Maria and Gladys kill her. The male invader finds his way to the basement and is also killed by Maria and Gladys. Tate, Constance and Moira get rid of the bodies of the two dead intruders.
  • Larry Harvey kills Ben Harmon’s pregnant ex-mistress Hayden, and then buries her. Ben Harmon builds a gazebo over the burial place. It is revealed that it is also the burial place of Moira O’Hara.
  • Adelaide is killed on Halloween night when a car hits her and speeds off. She was crossing the street to catch up with some teen girls. (Whether or not Adelaide died, no one knows. In this interview, Ryan Murphy says the he thinks she was dead before she got to the lawn. But who knows…)